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Mission-Vision-Core Value
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Company Profile / Mission-Vision-Core Value

  • Mission:


    DENSAN is a dry bulk ship management company, providing so-called “boutique ship management services” to its clients. DENSAN is

    • Complying with all rule requirements that are applicable to its managed ships
    • Maintaining the highest level of protection onboard our vessels for

                - the life
                - the environment
                - the property 

    • Application of loss-control system effectively
    • Application of cost and budget control system by minimizing wastage and unnecessary usage of ship stores
    • Generating more profit and becoming more efficient
    • Providing a safe and happy working environment for our crew, in which necessary resources are provided to individuals in order to develop their job skills and competencies  




    DENSAN, without compromising on its core value, aims at

    • Enhancing the level of service provided to our clients by following ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 standards in addition to the ISM Code requirements
    • Increasing the number of managed ships to a more sizeable level
    • Increasing senior officer retention ratio up to %80.
    • Maximizing participation of onboard and ashore employees in the corporate strategy implementation
    • Strengthening business connections with stakeholders.


    Core Value


    DENSAN has a single core value, which is “reliability”, both internal and external. DENSAN will honour its commitments whatever it takes.

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