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Principals on Alcohol, Drugs and Smuggling
Alcohol, Drugs & Smuggling

Alcohol and Drugs


DENSAN is committed to the following policy on board the vessels under management and at its premises. The purpose of this policy is to maintain safe and efficient operational standards.


  • The Company is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all employees.

  • The Company recognises that drugs and alcohol abuse may impair the personnel's ability to perform their duties.

  • This is particularly valid for those employees whose tasks entail safety and health risks for themselves and others.

  • The shipboard personnel, for the obvious reason that any error or accident they make may cause loss of lives or environment pollution, or third party property damage, is to be considered particularly exposed to these dangers. It must not be forgotten that ships are complex systems which require efficient personnel ready for all eventualities.

  • Pilots, office personnel, guests, contractors, vendors and any other persons onboard shall be required to comply with the policy restrictions concerning use, possession, distribution and sale of alcohol and drugs and provisions regarding searches. Those who violate the policy shall be sent away from the vessel and may be denied future access.

  • Double caution to apply in the entire United States EEZ (200 miles offshore). Violations are likely to cause imprisonment. Crew cannot take alcohol ashore in the US ports.

  • Double caution to apply in any coastal and/or confined waters, during conditions of reduced visibility, heavy traffic, narrow waters or in any other hazardous conditions or at any time subject to the Master’s discretion.


Therefore it has been established that:


  • in their discretion, the Masters may organize parties in festive days with an alcohol consumption in a limited and controlled manner and same are not to jeopardize the safety of navigation and any operation.

  • always be reminded that alcohol in the blood (blood alcohol content-BAC) must never exceed 0.04%.

  • watch keeping personnel shall not consume alcohol within four (4) hours prior to watch duty.

  • individual alcohol consumption by employees is strictly prohibited.

  • the possession, use, distribution or sale of any drugs by employees is strictly prohibited.

  • the violators shall be reported to the Company for disciplinary action.

  • any repeated violation grounds for immediate dismissal.


Crew can consume alcohol during shore leave but must strictly remember that they should not board the ship under the influence of alcohol.




Crew found to be smuggling or helping to smugglers shall be handed over to legal authorities of the port state.

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