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Security Policy
Security Policy

The Security Policy is aimed at providing a secure work environment on our ships by establishing and maintaining the security measures needed to prevent unlawful actions that threaten the security of crew and properties onboard.


The objectives of the company are to:


  1. Implement security procedures in the operation of ships to safeguard the security of port facilities and people.

  2. Establish protection measures to mitigate risks to the crew onboard and the personnel of port facilities.

  3. Enhance the ability and security consciousness of managed vessels and shore personnel.

  4. Provide emergency response measures for potential security risks.


The foregoing objectives shall be accomplished by:


  1. Ship security assessment and a ship security plan for each ship.

  2. Comprehensive training for all personnel involved with security.

  3. Positive enhancement of security consciousness by all personnel involved with security.

  4. Periodic reviews of security procedures and plans as well as internal audits leading to a continuous improvement and updating of security plans.


All personnel on board the managed vessels are required to observe the procedural requirements specified in the ship security plan and familiarize themselves with security-related duties and necessary measures to safeguard the ship from all unlawful acts.


The management shall give necessary support to the ship to encourage the Company Security Officer (CSO) , Master of the Ship, and Ship Security Officer (SSO) to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 1974 as amended and Part A of the Code (ISPS code A/6.2).

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