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Safety Management & Environmental  Protection Policy
Safety & Environmental Policy

DENSAN is an international ship management company specialized in dry bulk segment. This policy is applicable to all managed vessels as well as headquarters.


DENSAN is committed to pursue its core value “reliability” and safeguard its reputation at all times.


DENSAN is committed to pursue excellence in terms of Safety through the provision of appropriate training and active encouragement of all employees to participate in the implementation and continuous improvement of its Management System.


DENSAN is committed to minimize its effects on the environment while using its resources and to encourage re-cycling.


DENSAN is committed to strictly follow all national, international and organizational rules and regulations applicable to the vessels under its management.


DENSAN is committed to provide a safe, clean and healthy working environment both onboard and ashore for all of its employees and all who board the vessels under its management.


DENSAN is committed to provide its customers with a first class marine transportation service tailored to their particular requirements to establish and maintain long term, mutually beneficial commercial relationship.


DENSAN is committed to enhance knowledge and skills of all office and shipboard personnel continuously to the highest possible level by training in order to give better service to its Clients.


DENSAN is committed to maintain the vessels under its management in line with the highest industry standards, the welfare of those who work onboard and minimize the risk of environmental pollution.


DENSAN is committed to comply with requirements and improve the effectiveness of the safety management system.


DENSAN is committed to take all safety precautions against all identified risks against life, environment and the property.


DENSAN is committed to develop clear and effective procedures and instructions including emergencies in order to perform the assigned duties properly.


DENSAN is committed to process any and all feedback coming through master’s reviews, shipboard/office meetings, audits and inspections as well as root cause analyses for near misses, accidents and incidents in order to provide a safer working environment.


DENSAN is committed to openness to all ideas and participation of employees while implementing its business strategies.


DENSAN is committed to encourage innovative approaches.

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