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Training Policy
Training Policy

Human factor is deciding factor in the success of a ship management company. The foremost key stones of the path to the success are definitely the competency and efficiency of the personnel onboard.


The performance of the crew may vary over time correlated to their state of mind and physical fatigue. The management skills of Master, C/E, C/O and 2/E’s as well as tactfull approach towards their personnel can affect the overall performance, efficiency and harmony on board in postive way. 

Densan believes that regular training makes all the difference in safeguarding the safety and performance of ships, whilst make sure seafarers can continue developing their skills and knowledge to the latest international standards and beyond, with plenty of prospects for career advancement. Densan uses specialized web-based software to keep track of crew training. Additionally, Densan has been using video and computer-based training onboard managed fleet vessels for more than a decade now, with the material supplied from Videotel, a world leader in this field.


Turkish and Azerbaijanian officers are offered on-line based training/familiarization courses before joining vessels. 

Filipino crew also complete professional trainings at local Manning Agent's training center as well as outsourced training centers before they start their careers on board the vessels under our management.


Experience have shown that systematic drills and trainings  onboard  have a positive impact on the evaluation reports of crew.  Training enhances motivation and motivation leads to success!


All Crew
 Please click below to download your pre-joining familiarization study materials
All Senior Officers
 Please click below to download your copy of Familiarization of National Maritime Legislation
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