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Chairman's Greetings
Chairman's Greetings

Welcome to Densan;


Since its incorporation in 1968, Densan served its clients worldwide with utmost care for their cargoes.


Now that Densan has evolved into a ship management company, we not only care for the Cargo Owners and the well being of their valuable cargoes but are also responsible towards the Ship Owners who entrust their vessels with us for superior maintenance and maximum return on their investments.  As the next generation in this traditional company, we are highly conscious of this trust and, in fact, take great pride in this responsibility.  In this way, we have considered reliability for our clients as the core value of our Company for nearly half a century.


In order to sustain this reliability, Densan strives to continuously improve its services both ashore as a management company and at sea by managing our clients' vessels with the highest standards and employing highly trained crew. In fact, we have engraved this work ethic into our motto as “Continuous Improvement and Reliability”.


We have implemented this motto into our fleet development program as well by preferably accepting new building projects from our clients whereby we are able to control the quality of the vessels right from the drawing board and provide the most efficient vessels to their service. This includes services in assisting clients to determine the type and tonnage of the vessels, selecting and negotiating with the shipyards, optimizing the technical specifications, supervision during the entire building process and finally providing a full management package of crewing, maintenance, repair, insurance, legal / administrative / accounting services, supplies, operating and chartering.


We look forward to working with our Cargo Owning and Ship Owning clients as true partners to provide them with total customer satisfaction and maintain our tradition of continuous improvement and reliability.



Ahmet Akcal

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